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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Like Sarah Pac, The Trump Foundation is a slush fund and not even a legal one

From The Atlantic

The problem with telling people to follow the money is they just might take you up on it. Donald Trump’s campaign has adopted that mantra in reference to the Clinton Foundation, but it applies to him in uncomfortable ways, too.

First, there’s the fact that he won’t release his tax returns, making it hard to follow the money and raising questions about what might be hidden there. Second, there are his forays into Cuba, apparently in violation of the embargo. Third, there’s the latest scoop from The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, who finds that the Donald J. Trump Foundation was operating without a required license.

As Fahrenthold previously reported, the Trump Foundation is peculiar: Unlike many other similar charities, it’s stocked with other people’s money. Trump himself has given barely any money to it since the mid-2000s, although he did direct income from places like Comedy Central to the charity, possibly without paying taxes on it. Instead, he has raised money from other donors, which he has used to, among other things, settle legal cases against him, all while basking in the glow of his apparent charity.

To solicit sums greater that $25,000 from donors in New York, however, a charity like the Trump Foundation needs to obtain a special registration and submit to careful audits. The Trump Foundation did neither, according to the New York attorney general’s office. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, is already investigating the Trump Foundation to see whether it broke rules against self-dealing by buying gifts for Trump, settling legal cases with foundation monies, and making a political donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, whose office was at the time deciding whether or not to pursue an investigation into Trump University.

The donations came in two ways. In some cases, the Trump Foundation collected larger checks from other philanthropists. In others, as with a solicitation to help veteran’s groups earlier this year, which Trump says brought in $1.67 million dollars, it collected small-dollar donations from a wide range of people.

I can't even keep track of all of Donald's scandals anymore, especially this past week.  If we wins he will be the most scandalous president-elect in history.  Dumbya has nothing on him.

The Trump Foundation is just like Sarah Pac, which it's report is due out soon.  Grifting and more grifting.

Now the state of NY has shut down the Trump foundation from fundraising.  Good.


  1. Whatever happens at the polls, this country has once again been traumatized by the terrifying risk of our great nation's tragic demise seized by lunacy and deception. The impact felt across the world started with the shocking legacy of blind ambition within the Republican Party. We're still recovering from the disgraceful behavior and consequences of the Palin syndrome which caused millions of sensible, intelligent and responsible voters to lower their standards and expectations to an alarming level I've never witnessed in my lifetime. Instead of raising their voices in protest, they sacrificed their integrity and intelligence to be replaced by the racist, unqualified and stunning hypocrisy of a wretched, hillbilly who lacked the most basic knowledge of a ninth grade student.

    Now, we have once again been wounded and this time the bleeding has become a hemorrhage of all things we proudly held as unquestionable pillars that support our democracy. And, as before, we witness the willingness of millions to sacrifice their previous allegiance to protecting our country - by now agreeing to turn on their own brothers and sisters and flushing all decency in return for a dispicable, unstable and dangerous man in our most highest and sacred office. Treason from within.

    1. "the most basic knowledge of a ninth grade student."

      You give her too much credit! She's not smarter than a fifth grader. As immature as one, also too.

  2. This is what sarry platform is, no more status quo. Teump is on status quo, sn illegal foundation taking in money. This is donnie platform!? No more status quo....omg.


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