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Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1, 2015-Umpqua Community College Shooting in Roseburg Oregon

From Wikipedia

The Umpqua Community College shooting occurred on October 1, 2015, at the UCC campus near Roseburg, Oregon, United States. Christopher Harper-Mercer, a 26-year-old enrolled at the school, fatally shot an assistant professor and eight students in a classroom. Seven to nine others were injured. Roseburg police detectives responding to the incident engaged Harper-Mercer in a brief shootout. After being wounded, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The mass shooting was the deadliest in Oregon's modern history.

Lucero Alcaraz, 19
Treven Taylor Anspach, 20
Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18
Quinn Glen Cooper, 18
Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59
Lucas Eibel, 18
Jason Dale Johnson, 33
Lawrence Levine, 67 (assistant professor)
Sarena Dawn Moore, 44

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  1. The sheriff for that area is a "constitutional sheriff" who doesn't believe there was really a shooting of the little children at school.


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