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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Palin curse yet again...Joe Arpaio behind in the polls in Arizona


Embattled Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, whose get-tough policies to fight illegal immigration and praise of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought him nationwide attention, trails his opponent in this year's election by nearly 15 percentage points, according to a Thursday poll.
The poll, conducted by The Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News, shows Democratic challenger Paul Penzone has the support of nearly 45.9 percent of those surveyed as he attempts to unseat the six-term Maricopa County sheriff. Arpaio garnered 31.1 percent.

Roughly one-fifth of those surveyed said they were still undecided on the Nov. 8 race for the top law enforcement job in the state’s most populous county. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 5.6 percent.

The poll was taken as federal prosecutors announced that the U.S. Justice Department would seek a criminal contempt charge against Arpaio for violating a court order in a 2007 racial profiling case.

The charges center on unlawful traffic stops and detentions by deputies of Latino drivers for 18 months after the judge ordered them to cease.

Arpaio, who has denied any intentional wrongdoing, has already been cited for civil contempt stemming from his actions in the case.

Political observers have said prospects of a criminal prosecution for the 84-year-old hardline sheriff seem to have raised the ante in recent days in what already promised to be Arpaio’s sternest election test.

Time to send this old fart out to pasture.  He'll probably croak in a few years anyway.

Remember he gave pink underwear to Sarah Palin.


  1. I think I see the reign of republican terror coming to an end, one by one, they're falling into the pit they created and I just need enough popcorn and my favorite blanket - the country is returning to sanity once more! That old buzzard reminded me of the guys you find in the white sheets after the sun goes down.

  2. Well it be too terribly long until he will be pooping in his underwear unless that has been his problem all along.
    Que lastima!

    As for Sarah, she has been sleeping without underwear since childhood and having maids wash her uns on the campaign trail, so she is on her own from here on out.


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