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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The difference between Ryan Lochte and Bristol Palin

Right now disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is competing on DWTS.  His first week protestors stormed the dance floor after his dance, Week 2 he and Cheryl Burke were almost eliminated, and last week they survived.

Say what you want about Ryan, but he is a much better candidate for DWTS than Bristol Palin.  Ryan worked very hard to become an Olympic gold medalist, and while his behavior in Rio was appalling, he didn't get away with it and is facing criminal charges and sanctions from the swimming federation.

Bristol on the other hand hasn't worked hard one day in her life, got away with her participation in a drunken brawl, and has never apologized for her actions.  Also the questionable paternity of Sailor is much worse than doing damage in a gas station.


  1. Let us not forget the - so far - unacknowledged pregnancy of Palin during DWTS. Where is that child? Probably in plain sight.

    Pat Padrnos

  2. Brazil incident aside, that truly was unbecoming of an Olympian, Lochte is an athlete. Bristol spreads her legs and got there only off of the short stint that Hollywood gave them to be cool because Mommie Dearest was picked as potential veep. Boy, were they wrong!

    She was so pregnant, and the only reason she got as far as she did was because DWTS allowed ballot box stuffing at the time, and Palinbots did so. They changed the rules after that; she had NO talent and still doesn't.


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