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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who's a role model, Hillary Clinton or Sally Heath

From Skanky's Fecebook page:

You've probably seen in the news today that it's someone special's birthday. So...
Happy birthday to an iconic American woman who really should be the first female President of these United States.
This heroine's integrity, independence, patriotism, healthy vitality, Christian faith, work ethic, commitment to her husband over all these decades, mothering and grandmothering skills (including the cookie-baking!) give every young woman a role model to emulate...

 Oh. Sorry. Not THAT gal's birthday. This one!
Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for the lessons in commitment to Faith, Family & Freedom. We love you!
The Whole Tribe

Skanky then proceeds to post pictures of Sally with the Trumps like she is someone important:

You would think Creepy Chuck, Easy Sally, and Piper Diaper would have dressed up better than that.  Even Skank is dressed better than they are.

Back to the role model thing, let's compare Hillary Clinton to Sally Heath.

Hillary-Ivy League graduate, law professor, Senator, Secretary of State, first woman to secure nomination for president from a major political party (sorry Jill Stein), supporter of women's rights, supporter of minorities, supporter of gays.  Waited until after marriage to conceive a child.  Christian.  Chose to forgive her husband.  Raised a great daughter who did not get pregnant before marriage.

Sally-school secretary, no higher education that I know of, belongs to political party that wants to suppress women, minorities, and gays.  Got knocked up before marriage.   Hangs out with members of the AIP.  Raised horrible children.  Husband a pervert like Donald Trump.  Daughters got knocked up before marriage.  Son a philanderer who knocked up his mistress.


  1. The entire Heath clan are nothing but total frauds and colossal losers. Sally is a coward and an enabler, she has absolutely nothing in her life to be proud of.

  2. The way she wrote that, she's describing Hillary's accomplishments, and then says, No not THAT gal with all the accomplishments, but my dear mother, whose big life accomplishment was having Sarah, who could introduce her to the Donald, who now has no use at all for the lovely and talented Sarah Palin. Nice one, Sarah. You and your ghostwriter need a few lessons in sarcasm, sentence writing, and general use of the English language..
    By the way, "Christian faith" does not generally mean passing along the ability to have kids out of wedlock to how many women now? Six? And Bristol couldn't figure it out after the first time, and just kept sleeping around. The Palins are pathetic.

  3. SkankyLou's outfit & hairdo are so 2011'ish, as is Piper's age.

    Comparing Hillary to Sally Heath can never be a valid comparison.

    Comparing ANY member of the Clinton family to any part of the Palin/Heath clan could never be a valid comparison.

  4. What a dismal group! Not a winner in the bunch.
    Not one.

  5. Always check for head liceOctober 28, 2016 at 12:08 AM

    I can hear the banjos!

  6. Always check for head liceOctober 28, 2016 at 12:11 AM

    Why is the old fart smiling in the first picture? Playing a little pool?


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