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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why does Donald Trump hate the troops so much and where is Sarah Palin's outrage over it.

Now Donald has done it.  He says veterans who suffer from PTSD can't handle pressure.  Fuck you Donald.

So does this mean if Donald had served in Vietnam he would have gotten PTSD?  Yes it would.  He got a deferment over bone spurs.  If he can't handle bone spurs how could he handle a major wound or injury. 

It has been five days since Donald has made his despicable remarks and no Sarah Palin condemning it.  Oh that's right Track is a special snowflake.  He only has PTSD when it's convenient.


  1. She never mentions Trump any more, it's like she doesn't support him any more but is too chickenshit to say it.

    The pees are too stupid to realize they haven't heard anything about Trump from their queen in months.

  2. She wants to keep the facade up - doesn't want us to know how he kicked her to the curb.


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