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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Will Sarah make an ass out of herself tonight at the debate?

Chris Hayes of MSNBC us reporting Sarah will be Donald's guest at the debate.  I hope Hillary tells her to fuck herself.


  1. Sarah will sit next to Obama's half-brother and will have about as much impact on the debate as the half-brother.

  2. Sarah did manage to get asked about Trump's refusal to say he will support elections results. In her best little girl voice she offered "Oh my goodness? Of course if the results are legit, we will accept them. But Donald Trump is right. You have to check things out. But legit, if the election is legit, of course we'll accept it." See what she did there? She put herself in Trump's inner circle, even though the only hug I saw her get was from precious Kellyanne And she looked awful. Black,black jacket. Nice wig from the back though.
    But her fans are all atwitter and reminiscing about what could have been had it only been brilliant capable Sarah at the top of the ticket. Sigh.


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