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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Does a Chicago Cubs World Series victory mean a Donald Trump victory?

From The Sun

In the sequel to the cult 80s movie, Marty McFly time-travels to 2015 to stop his son taking part in a robbery.

When he walks around 2015-era Hill Valley he chats to an old man who is collecting money to repair the clock tower, which was hit lightning in the first film, allowing Marty to get back to 1985.

During their chat, an enormous light-up sign appears revealing that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series – leaving Marty in disbelief.

On Wednesday night, the Cubs - who hadn't won the competition since 1908 - stunned fans by beating Cleveland Indians.

Incredibly, that means Back to the Future II DID predict the future - albeit being one year out.

Even star Michael J Fox, 55, took to social media to comment.

He Tweeted: 'Only off by a year, not bad. Congrats @Cubs. This is so heavy. #FlyTheW.'

Here, we reveal the other predictions that happened to come true.

1. Donald Trump’s rise to power

The wispy blonde hair, perma-tan and weathered face… there’s an array of spooky similarities between bad guy Biff Tannen and Donald Trump.

In the film, Biff becomes a successful businessman who, after opening a 27-story casino, goes into politics. Sound familiar?

Both Biff and Trump have been married three times and live in palaces painted in gold.

Back to the Future writer Bob Gale has since revealed that the villain is “loosely based” on the Republican candidate.

2. Lace-up trainers

Marty’s self-tying shoes were one of the weirdest (and most coveted) inventions in Back to the Future II.

Now, Nike have unveiled 89 pairs of lace-up-themselves trainers, which are pretty much an exact replica of the ones from the movie.

The New York Post’s Kase Wickman got to try on a pair earlier this month.

“It’s pretty cool, when you put them on and push your heel down, you can feel it start to tighten up because it knows you’re there,” he said. “These shoes are very emotionally present.”

3. Handheld tablet computers

When Doc meets Marty by the clock tower, he brandishes what looks like an iPad-style tablet computer.

The device featured in the movie is much clunkier than the tablets we have today, but the idea is still the same.

Last year, 320 million handheld computers were sold compared to 310 million traditional PCs.

Multiple channels can be accessed from our televisions
Marty appears perplexed when he discover a television with multiple channels – something that is commonplace today.

Creatives around the world are trying to make a rideable hoverboard
Technically we aren’t all whizzing around on hoverboards but French artist Nils Guadagnin has created the gadget.

But there’s just one catch – it only works as long as no one stands on it.

Japanese car company Lexus has also unveiled a prototype for a rideable hoverboard, while a company called Arx Pax in California is also working on a version.

Apparently, both devices rely on magnets so you’ll unlikely be able to glide over water like Marty.

While I am happy the Cubs broke the curse, the Tannen-Trump connection scares the shit out of me.  In the movie we saw how Hill Valley was run down, if Trump becomes president expect the USA to be run down Hill Valley style.


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