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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For the love of God go out and vote today!

Do your patriotic duty and VOTE! If you don't vote and Trump wins the election you have no business complaining.

Make sure you vote for this lady today:

If you live in Nevada vote for Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate:

In Florida vote for Patrick Murphy to oust Marco Rubio!

In Alaska Lisa Murkowski has to go!  Vote for Ray Metcalfe for the Senate:

In South Dakota vote for Jay Williams to oust John Thune:

Arizona readers I hope you will vote for Ann Kirkpatrick over old fart John McCain

Wisconsin!  Bring back Russ Feingold to the Senate:

In Utah Misty Snow would be a better representation than Mike Lee:

Illinois readers, Mark Kirk is an ass, vote for Tammy Duckworth:

North Carolina readers, we need Deborah Ross to unseat Richard Burr:

Roy Blunt has to go!  Jason Kander would be a better fit to represent Missouri.  And he is much better looking too.

Indiana vote for Evan Bayh

New Hampshire voters you know Kelly Ayotte is worthless, vote for Maggie Hasson

Pat Toomey is pretty worthless too, vote for Katie McGinty to represent Pennsylvania in the Senate



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