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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Oh God Sarah Palin is gonna invade the lower 48!

From Skanky's Fecebook page

Going Rogue, again! Finally. 

Hitting the trail with Willow and Piper to get out the vote for our next President, Donald J. Trump. We'll hit Michigan, North Carolina, New York. 

When asked to travel this time, I knew it had to be Michigan - such a special place that can soon be "The Comeback State" with robust industry again. Love it. Personally close to the heart as my son lived there for AAA hockey. Politically, long story but this is where the whole "she went rogue!" thing started in '08, leading to my book, "Going Rogue" (even kicked off the most fun book tour ever there!).

Now, Michigan, it's up to you and every one of these United States to Go Rogue for America. Get out the vote for Trump/Pence - it is time you Make America Great Again!

Shouldn't Piper be in school?  According to the Colony High School calendar school is in session.


  1. School? Now now, it's just a long weekend with Donald Trump. Sarah is desperate to audition for that new tee tee gig with the Donald. Notice that she's taking the two unmarried girls with her? Wanna bet they pack their most provocative attire and are given a private audience with the Donald on Tuesday? I mean, surely all those news reports of him googling and touching underage girls are just made up BS from the jealous liberals. Besides, if Trump likes the girls, maybe Sarah can wiggle into his good graces as well. The PAC is drying up; Trump has money.
    I'm just sorry he's sending her to my state. We have even loco people here already. The good news is that when he loses, Sarah and the girls will never set foot on stage with him and Melania. Hell, after this latest news dump about Melania's lies, we may never see HER again either.

  2. No kidding SPHASH, last time I checked, school was in session in most places. Besides, "wise" $arah told piper, "who needs them stinkin' lib'rul teachers anyhoo"? "Just study them flash cards, that's all you need, dontcha know"? You betcha!

  3. Why isn't she getting out the vote for The Donald in AK? Because she knows better than to show her ugly face in public; everyone will laugh at her, and tell her to fuck off!!

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