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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sarah Palin blathering again


  1. Notice she uses no current photos. LOL!

  2. The bitch needs to shut her noise-hole; she is no longer making sense! Go and tend to your delinquent spawn and pimp, you asshole!

  3. $he could get some more of that sweet sweeeet attention she craves more than Bristol's adderol if only she'd "announce" the latest grandbastards's birth.

  4. She never was all that much was she? For a small town girl, she sure sure went far.
    Or did she?
    Not being able to venture out in public these days without a kid to shield her from booing must mean one hell of an existence for the adderall ridden shriveled up old lady.
    But she's a grizzly mama and looks forward to babysitting that never ending pack of grand-babies.

  5. As the widow of a career Army Officer, I am completely disgusted that she is even being considered for Veteran's Affairs. The woman is an idiot and our Veterans deserve a lot more than that stupid woman.


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