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Monday, November 7, 2016

Sarah Palin stumps in MI and makes an ass out herself as usual

From Sarah's Fecebook page.  Yeah that baby looks real thrilled to be held by Skanky.

From Detroit Free Press

Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008, came to Detroit Sunday evening and predicted a "monster vote" for Trump in Michigan.

"If Trump wins, then America wins," she said during an interview with Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly that was taped at the Town Pump Tavern in Detroit. "They are hot, hot, hot for Trump in Michigan."

About a dozen supporters came to the bar for the stop, but several people walking by started pounding on the window when they noticed her. One said "I have no respect for you." And someone sprayed some sort of substance into the bar from outside that had many in the tavern momentarily coughing.

"I wish you had the guts to come in here and say that to my face," Palin replied to the heckler.

She addressed the announcement Sunday that the new e-mails being looked at by the FBI didn't offer any new revelations, and didn't change the conclusion that no charges will be filed against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the investigation. Palin said the investigations aren't over.

"The Clinton Foundation,  the multi-million dollar corruption, she's still part of that and they're still investigating that," Palin said. "We don't need a president who's under investigation."

Palin was a controversial and polarizing part of the 2008 presidential election after she was chosen as the Republican running mate of U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Since that election, Palin has been a contributor to Fox News, had her own television show -- "Sarah Palin's Alaska," wrote a memoir -- "Going Rogue," and started a super PAC to help fund like-minded, conservative candidates.

While she has endorsed Trump, she has been largely absent from the campaign trail this election cycle and skipped the Republican National Convention in July. She was a guest of Trump at the presidential debate in Las Vegas last month. But her trip to Michigan, which included stops in Cheboygan, Alpena, Midland and Detroit, was her first campaign event in months.

On her Facebook page, Palin posted: "Going Rogue, again! Finally. Hitting the trail with Willow and Piper to get out the vote for our next President, Donald J. Trump. We'll hit Michigan, North Carolina, New York. When asked to travel this time, I knew it had to be Michigan -- such a special place that can soon be "The Comeback State" with robust industry again."

Palin was critical of McCain when the campaign decided in 2008 to pull its resources out of Michigan early in October after it became clear that then Sen. Barack Obama was going to win the state. She suggested she might "Go Rogue," and campaign on her own in Michigan.

But she was complimentary toward Alec Baldwin, who has been playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

"I don't want to tick off conservatives, but I get along with Alec Baldwin pretty well. I respect his talent, I wish he'd put it to better use," she said. "Just like Tina Fey, (who imitated Palin on SNL) she should put that talent to better use instead of mocking me all the time."

Wait just a minute!  Didn't Skanky call out Hillary for campaigning in a bar on a Sunday?  Why yes she did:

And yes Skanky we don't need a leader who is always under investigation.  Isn't that why you quit as governor?


  1. Isn't Piper still in school, or is she a dropout?

    1. She doesn't need them stinkin' lib'rul teachers dontcha know! Mummy says you can learn better from flash cards. You betcha!

  2. What utter irony SPHASH. The fuckin' moron had the nerve to call out Mrs. Clinton for being in a bar on Sunday; yet here SHE is, in a bar, on Sunday! She just gets more fuckin' stupid every day!!

  3. Expect more people to tell you that you are not welcome anywhere, Sarah. Just the way it rolls.
    Most people are hot hot hot for you to trot trot trot off the edge of the universe.
    Don't believe me? Try doing a speech in the Lower 48 while not hiding behind a campaign stop. Better yet, try that in Alaska. Wasilla for starters.
    You would get more than a bar fight lady.

  4. sarah' latest grandchild is several months old now. I am glad to see she is not ashamed, it is not the fault of the baby when their parents are not good Christians and they sin.

    Good for Sarah for training the newest Palin in the life of politics.
    Will this baby be as lucky as Trig and have the pleasure of bus tours?

  5. 12:38 PM - I believe that baby was fathered by DUHkota but brisdull was not the one preggars - I'm absolutely convinced the real mother is Piper. After digging into the timeline, pictures, events and a few other relevant sources, there are numerous reasons to support my conclusion.

    Remember the sudden breakup in Kentucky days before the wedding? Remember how Brissdul fled the scene and mommie dearest made the announcement the marriage plans were cancelled?! Remember Sarah waving that long bony finger in DUHkota's face at the wedding reception they flipped into a barbecue? What made scary Sarah so pissed off?!

    Why would Brissdul who was desperately seeking a baby daddy - ANY baby daddy - suddenly flee the scene after being so darn close to snagging MOH DUHkota?!

    It was because Piper was forced to spill the beans and the chit hit the fan! That baby looks just like Piper and DUHkota.

    Don't believe me? Don't. :-) Do your own research but as soon as the palins smell their own blood in the water they'll scrub every picture and reference to Piper but the truth will find a way - maybe it will take years and years or maybe sooner. Either way I don't give a crap about that family of gypsies but damn! They're such trailer trash.

    1. Interesting theory, Sharon, especially since Piper-Diaper has been awol most of the year (actually good for her, but in this instance...).
      OTOH, how do you account for Barf$tool's selfies where $he supposedly sported a prego belly?

    2. @6:03 PM Bristol gets much fatter when pregnant, 2006/2010. Didn't Sarah use an empathy belly to fake a Trig pregnancy? Why are there 2 birth dates posted for Sailor's birth?

  6. I have also come to the realization this may be Piper's baby but not with Duh. Piper is the one who got chubby while Bristol remained scrawny in the areas where pregnant women eventually puff up a little. It didn't make sense to see Bristol's gaunt face in November. I am sure they didn't intend to fake yet another pregnancy. Nobody paid attention to Piper which may be exactly the reason she copied big sister and slept around.

  7. Trump campaigns in Michigan with Nugent who can't sell out a county fair with $5 tickets.

    Meanwhile, Hillary is in Philly with Springsteen.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Look at that scrawny hand grabbing that baby! The hands and necks are usually Telly the age of a person. HER age, according to that hand, would be around 105 or more. I have actually seen pictures of centenarians whose hands are nicer than here. What's up with all those veins being so prominent?

  10. Piper certainly has slimmed down. No more puffy face in today's Instagram. Hope big sis got her on the Norplant.


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