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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sarah Palin you have never put your family first


Sarah you dragged your kids to the governor's mansion after you became governor.  You also used them as human shields and props too.  You sucked as a mother and still do.


  1. Sorry, Sarah, but a woman who posed NUDE and cheated on getting into this country will never represent me or my daughter and grand daughter.
    Mrs. "Family First" is costing the citizens of New York a MILLION a day trying to maintain security around their gold-plated glass house. You'd think a man with Mr. Trump's resources MIGHT offer to pay some of that exorbitant fee himself, right? HAHAHAH. The Trumps ran for this with one goal in mind: enriching their brand. Kind of like another far less successful and far less educated clan we could mention.

  2. I am not happy that they are going to cost taxpayers so much money, or that they will be disrupting the lives of so many people in NYC who will have to deal with that kind of security imposition. At the same time, if that is what is right for Barron, I commend them for making that decision - just wish tRump would have given his child and their family life some consideration before he decided to run on his need for ego inflation. Melania is no saint but she comes off to me as very unhappy in a public role but very comfortable in her role as mom and wife. Nothing wrong with that, but again, the orange pig should have considered his family's needs and wants over his own megalomania.


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