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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sarah Palin's Fecebook is not a typo

As you may have noticed, when Sarah or her ghost writer posts something on Facebook and I link it here, I like to call it Fecebook.

It is not a typo, but intentional.  I call it Fecebook because Sarah like to spew shit from her mouthpiece via Facebook.  And considering Martin Bashir's famous takedown of her,  Fecebook is highly appropriate.


  1. You really do need to tone down your attacks on Sarah Palin. Remember . . . she soon will be a member of President Trump's cabinet with Secret Service protection.

    1. She does not automatically get SS protection as a cabinet member. Trump would have to sign an executive order.

      Why should SPHASH tone down her attacks? So we can all "come together and heal?" Bullshit.

    2. Cabinet members don't get protection you dumbass redneck reprobate. President Obama has had real Secret Service protection for 8 years. Did any of you rednecks, with your 4th grade readin', ritin' and thinkin' skills "tone down your attacks" on him?

      You stupid fuck. It must be quite challenging for you to even find your way out the door in the morning.

    3. Trump can sign an executive order allowing SS protection for cabinet members

  2. Quitter gov Sarah probably knows of several S.S. agents from Todd's 'preferred customers' list.


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