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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Willow Palin is now on the grifting train too

Willow, you, your sister, brother, and brother in law all need to get something called a job.


  1. The stumpy midget inherited the wonky eye that is quite rampant in this dysfunctional bunch of inbred jag-offs. What competent employer would hire any one of these uneducated, delinquent, lazy slacker couch slugs?

  2. Sara, Sara, Sara - yer kids learned the secret to energy and getting thin from you. Y'all take Adderall. It's common knowledge to all except maybe teenagers. Shame on you for promoting this poisonous tea to children. They believe pretty pictures because they are not old enough to know better, something YOU might know if you ever cared to raise your brood. The school system tries but it can't replace parenting.


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