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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Flashback Friday:Sarah concedes Bristol is pregnant out of wedlock again-Update

Update-Bristol is pg.  First grandchild for Sarah that was conceived with the benefit of marriage.


  1. Just two angry stupid sluts, neither one of which could EVER keep their legs closed. Isn't that right Miss Wasyphilis? The apple doesn't fall far from that withered old bug infested mess

  2. After years of practicing and getting it wrong, Bristol Palin is going to have a baby IN wedlock.

    She's apparently still trying for a cute baby.

  3. Hahahahaha

    Good timing with this Flashback!

  4. Hi SPHASH! Guess what? She's knocked up AGAIN! #3 is in the oven! This time, she HAS a sugar-daddy (or is it bargaining chip); they both match in I.Q.'s! I guess Dumbkota is stuck with that bunch of misfits for good!!
    P.S. Bugger off fat alicia!

  5. Hmmm. The jury is still out as to wether they are actually and legally married.
    But since it will be a 'spring' baby, they must have gotten busy about this right around when $he succeeded to lure him into her lair for the very first time when he was finally allowed to see his supposed offspring. (I say supposed, because $he never showed him the real DNA results. He took her word for it, not the actual proof.)

  6. This is actually Bristol's baby # SIX: Trig, Tripp, DWTS baby, Haiti baby, Sailor, and now this one. Dakota really needs to get a valid DNA test on Sailor.

  7. #1.




    And now pregnant with #5, will Dakota demand a DNA test again before accepting paternity?


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