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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Who is the real Undefeated?

Barack Obama
1996 Illinois State Senate-won
1998 Illinois State Senate-won
2000 Democratic Primary for US Congress-loss (lost to a four term incumbent in Bobby Rush who is still in office)
2000-Illinois State Senate-won
2004 US Senate-won
2008 Democratic nomination for President-won
2008 US President-won
2012 US President-won

Sarah Palin
1992 Wasilla City Council-won
1995 Wasilla City Council-won
1996 Wasilla Mayor-won
1999 Wasilla Mayor-won
2002 Republican nomination for Lt. Governor-loss
2006 Republican nomination for Governor-won
2006 Governor of Alaska-won, but did not finish her tern
2008 US Vice President-loss

Barack Obama:7-1

Sarah Palin: 5-2

1 comment:

  1. That's a great pic of Sarah, you can see the flab on her forearm hanging down.

    What say you, Alicia? Is it liberal hate that's making the flab on Sarah's forearm hang down?


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