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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sarah's house is still on the market

This is the house in Arizona that she hasn't sold yet.  With Sarah,Pac drying up she better sell it soon.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here is another one of the stupidest things Sarah Palin has ever said

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Various surveys are showing immigrants choosing to vote "democrat" because they've been led to believe it means a vote for "democracy."

Trying something new

Due to a lot of troll increase, I have decided to start moderating comments.

Now I have Alicia from Florida and DGM blocked.  However there are still troll comments coming from locations I cannot identify through Stat Counter.  When I have down time during my day like at breakfast, during lunch, dinnertime I will check the comments and let them through.  I don't have a flexible schedule so I appreciate you all being patient with me.

There may be times I will not be able to approve comments for several hours at a time, when I mean by several 8 or more.

Thank you for your understanding.  I am just trying this out.  If it works I will keep at it.  If not I will go back to the way it was.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Wrap up of the DNC convention

Here are some of the best speeches of the convention:

Barack Obama:

Michelle Obama

Joe Biden

Jill Biden

Chelsea Clinton:

Elizabeth Warren

Khizr Khan, father of a fallen solder

Last but not least Hillary Clinton:

Oh and Bernie you can go fuck yourself after announcing you are returning as an independent.

Flashback Friday:Track Palin's extra curricular activities

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lock him up!

So Strumpet wants to risk national security by having the Russians hack into the federal government computers to get Hillary's emails, what the everlasting fuck?

Donald Trump revels in breaking the rules of campaigning, of political correctness, of pretty much everything. He has smeared whole ethnic groups, mocked the disabled and disdained women not meeting his standards of “beauty”. Each time, we ask whether finally - finally - he has gone too far. And each time his polling numbers return the answer. He has not.

Yet. Let’s try again. Is Mr Trump inviting a foreign power - Russia, no less - to use its well-known talents in cyber-espionage to delve into the emails of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, and then disseminate those parts they consider most damaging not a new reach even for him? 

It was to be expected that when he invited reporters to his Doral golf club and resort near Miami airport on Wednesday Mr Trump would detonate an especially toxic armament. The Democrats are in the midst of their clamourous but nonetheless attention-grabbing convention in Philadelphia. 

Keeping the attention of the country on him has been the nuclear turbine of his campaign. He doesn’t spend millions like Ms Clinton on TV ads, he just makes noise himself. And so he did.

The Doral comment sparked a quick Clinton rebuke. “This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent,” Jake Sullivan, Mrs. Clinton’s chief foreign policy adviser, said. “This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue.”

Mr Trump has previously cast doubt on Russia being behind the DNC breach. When invited by a journalist at least to call on Russia to desist if it is involved, he demurred. “I’m not going to tell Putin what to do,” he said. “Why should I tell Putin what to do?” That led him to describe how much cleverer Mr Putin is at foreign relations that either Ms Clinton or President Barack Obama. 

The line between carefully calculated bomb-drop and off-the-cuff quipping for effect is always hard to discern when it comes to Mr Trump. Sometimes he strikes target with cruise-missile accuracy while pulling the trigger with a blindfold on. Certainly his Doral comments had not been communicated to his running mate, Governor Mike Pence, who on Wednesday said Russia should be made to pay “the consequences” if its involvement in the DNC hack is proved.

But Mr Trump should know this. At some point he will make his hill of garbage so high that instead of giving him a road to the highest office in the land it will bury him. And then he will not win in November or even come close to winning. He will be utterly destroyed by Ms Clinton and by a country that will have awoken to the terrifying and ridiculous threat that he really is

And it looks like Russia was behind the DNC email hack after all.

Let's start chanting "Lock him up!"

Sarah do you really want to talk about your family's work ethic?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Who HASN'T Worked Jobs the Left Feels is Beneath Them? Greatest Life Lessons Are Learned Through Actual WORK!

Absolutely amazes me that the Liberal mindset allows mocking the American work ethic. Belittling an entrepreneurial spirit got us into the mess we're in with dependency on a failed, bankrupt government. Big Government Libs LOVE the cycle of dependency because with it comes CONTROL of those who are dependent.

Good for those who do what it takes to independently make a living. Leftists condemning women entrepreneurs owning their own businesses and parents holding down more than one job to provide for family? It's shameful, Democrats.

I'm so thankful all my kids work AT LEAST one job (most work two or more jobs at a time!), along with furthering their education... they've always worked this way. And I'm proud my four big kids are setting that great work ethic example for their little brother, Trig, who'll also be expected to work because every able-bodied human being is created with unique ability to work. America - we're blessed when those abilities are put to good use; we're lost when choosing not to.

Tell me about the jobs YOU'VE held in order to pay the bills and be productive!

- Sarah Palin

Sarah you and your family have no work ethic at all.  You had to hire a city manager to run Wasilla for you, you averaged hour hours a day at the Governors office, you quit your job as as Governor, you also quit your job on the oil and gas commission.

Todd hasn't worked in almost seven years since quitting his job on the slope.  All he does is carry your purse and play on his snowmobile.

Track has no job and is unemployable due to your enabling.  Never gone to college either.

Bristol claims to work at the Derm office but all she does is show up whenever she feels like it, take selfies and hawk shit like diarrhea drinks and crappy jewelry and clothing.  In seven years all she has done is appear on unreality shows, have Mark Ballas push her ass around the dance floor, and pretend to promote abstinence.  

Willow has worked as a stylist, who knows if it is full time.

Piper can't support herself yet.

Trig can't support himself and never will thanks to your lack of care for him.

Dakota doesn't do anything anymore since joining the Palin kkklan.

Creepy Chucky Jr took an early retirement and tried to grift money for his photography project.

In fact the only one associated with the Palin is this guy who is working 70-80 hours a week trying to pay off the bullshit child support plus interest so Bristol can stay accessorized in $300 sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bags:

And I have no problem giving him a little cash now and then.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day two of the DNC convention recap

My senator Amy Klobuchar talks about human and sex trafficking and what Hillary Clinton has done to combat it.

Bill Clinton talks about his wife:

Meryl Streep has a few words as well:

VA Governor Terry McCaullife:

And also from Monday my other Senator Al Franken's speech, he kicked ass:

Bristol Palin forgot the promise she made regarding Tripp and Sailor

From Daily Mail

Bristol Palin may be trying to keep her children off of social media, but the proud mom couldn't help but share a snapshot of her seven-year-old son Tripp posing with his soccer medal. 
The 25-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to post a photo of her eldest child donning his soccer uniform while holding up his new medal for his mom to see.   

'Fills my heart,' she captioned the image, which sees a smiling Tripp looking off into the distance.

A month ago the protective mom announced that she was trying not to share photos of Tripp and her seven-month-old daughter Sailor Grace on social media because 'there's been too many creeps recently'.  

And while she has made an effort to lightly blur some of their photos in recent weeks, it looks like the mom once again feels comfortable sharing snapshots of her kids with her 117,000 Instagram followers. 

However, she did make sure to blur out the logo on Tripp's soccer uniform for his safety in the new photo, which is the first one she has posted of him in over two months. 

Earlier on Monday, Bristol shared a sweet photo of her new husband Dakota Meyer, 28, walking with their daughter Sailor and Tripp, her son with her ex-fiance Levi Johnston. 

The snapshot, which was taken from behind, sees Tripp wearing a sweatshirt over his soccer uniform while he walks alongside his new stepfather.

Meanwhile, Sailor is bundled in a purple fleece as her father holds her on a carrier that is attached to his back. 

'Favs,' Bristol captioned the picture of her husband and children.

'Please do me a favor and support this amazing place and tell America how you feel about life, God, and guns,' she wrote of the shirts, which have the words 'Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun' splashed across the front.   

Just a few days before, she shared a picture of Dakota and Sailor posed in front of a replica Gatling gun, calling her little girl a 'future member of the NRA'.  

Dakota has also been busy sharing pictures of his family, and on Monday he posted a picture of Bristol making a face as the camera in the car while he took a work call.

'My world... Pulling off in a parking lot to take another call,' he wrote. 

Last week, Bristol shared a similar clip that sees her making kissing faces at Dakota while he was on the phone. 

The proud father also posted a picture of himself enjoying a hike with Sailor, who was strapped to his back.

'I finally figured out what all the hikes in the Marine Corps where preparing me for. #dakotameyer0317 #dadlife,' he captioned the image, which sees a smiling Sailor bundled up in purple fleece. 

Bristol and Dakota revealed on June 8th that they had gotten married in a secret ceremony, and the two lovebirds have been blissfully sharing photos of themselves enjoying their time together as newlyweds.

Kids I'm sorry but your mother lied to you again.  And unfortunately it won't be the last time either.

Dakota doesn't really look happy at all in those pictures with Bristol.  Guess the bloom has wilted off the rose.  Not that Bristol was ever a rose.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Its official, Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be nominated for President!

Yeah Hillary!  And fuck you Bernie!

Wrap up of day one of the DNC Convention

So far the DNC formally apologized to Bernie over the email flap, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets booed.

Personally why should the DNC apologize to Bernie?  He has only been a Democrat since last year.  Hillary has been a Democrat for over 30.  Bernie only jumped on the Democratic bandwagon to get funding.  He really is a sellout.

From seven years ago today, Alaska is freed!

At the 1:25 mark she says the D word, DENALI!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The DNC convention starts today in Philadelphia

It should be a cakewalk for Hillary as Bernie has finally endorsed her.  At least this show will have more professional and classy people such has the Obamas, Bidens, and Clintons.

I know a lot of people are disappointed that Elizabeth Warren was not chosen as Hillary's running mate, but Tim Kaine is a decent guy, much better than Mike Pence.  Tim is certainly not perfect and isn't flashy like Strumpet, but I will take substance over style any day.

In honor of the DNC convention I thought I would post this little video:

Monday Meme

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The one speech that disturbed me the most at the RNC, besides Donald Trump's acceptance speech

Lady, Hillary Clinton didn't kill your son, terrorists did!.

Speaking of Strumpet's speech, here is a fact checker:

Track Palin has a hearing tomorrow

From Radar Online

Sarah Palin’s son is heading into treatment instead of jail after his January domestic violence arrest — and his own lawyer told he needs help for his alcohol problem!

Track “has been assessed” by the VA, his attorney, Kevin T. Fitzgerald told Radar, and at a hearing later this month, he will receive his proposed treatment plan.

“I would expect it has some alcohol component,” Fitzgerald said. “In all candor, Track could be well-served by treatment.”

As Radar reported, the treatment option was offered by the Anchorage DA as part of a sweetheart plea deal Track cut on July 11. Although he had previously been charged with domestic violence assault, interfering with a domestic violence police call, and possession of a weapon while intoxicated, he pleaded guilty only to the third and the other two were dismissed.

See when your a Palin living in Alaska, you get special treatment.  Ask Diana and Willow.

But if you are a Sherry Johnston who was set up for selling painkillers, you go to prison.

According to Alaska Courtview Track is due in Veteran's court tomorrow.  Who wants to guess what will happen.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Donald Trump really does not want to be president

From Gawker

One day this past May, Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., reached out to a senior adviser to Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, who left the presidential race just a few weeks before. As a candidate, Kasich declared in March that Trump was “really not prepared to be president of the United States,” and the following month he took the highly unusual step of coordinating with his rival Senator Ted Cruz in an effort to deny Trump the nomination. But according to the Kasich adviser (who spoke only under the condition that he not be named), Donald Jr. wanted to make him an offer nonetheless: Did he have any interest in being the most powerful vice president in history?

When Kasich’s adviser asked how this would be the case, Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

“Making America great again” was the casual reply.

Donald Trump does not want to be president.

Donald Trump is just like Sarah Palin.  He thinks the Presidency is some kind of coronation ceremony.

From Immoral Minority...the nasty texts between Levi and Bristol

As promised here are all the nasty texts regarding Bristol.

Thank you to Jesse Griffin at Immoral Minority for posting these on his blog.  I am posting them here as I want to spread the word far and wide what a nasty bitch Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin really is.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The RNC convention has been worse than imagined

The potential First Lady plagiarizes her speech, takes two days for Donald to find someone to blame.

Chris Christie tries to put Hillary on trial.

One of Donald's advisers called for the execution of Hillary Clinton and warranted the attention of the Secret Service.

B list actors such has Antonio Sabato Jr and Scott Baio insult President Obama and call him a Muslim.

Each of Donald's grown children plead "vote for my daddy!"

And the biggest buffoon in the history of politics secures the nomination.

Yep can't get any better than that.

Why hasn't Sarah Palin come in defense of Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her old boss Roger Ailes from FOX News.  Since then six more women have come forward and said they were subject to the same abuse.

Even Megyn Kelly has admitted that Roger came on to her.

Sarah worked off and on for FOX News from 2010 to 2015.  So she had a lot of contact with Roger during those five years.  I wonder if she reciprocated his advances.  Wouldn't be surprised if she did.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bristol is back to hawking again

From Sarah's Fecebook page

I absolutely love this!!! Bristol Palin teamed up with Lifehouse Maternity Home in Louisville, KY to create these awesome shirts. Please support this great cause, get your shirt today; boldly show how you really feel about life, God & our 2nd Amendment!

I love seeing all my kids still smiling and thriving, despite all the false and negative crap still thrown their way by the media. From all that negativity comes good like this - their productive efforts for great causes just like this. Nothing makes me prouder!

Course Sarah had to do damage control after the Johnston's exposed Bristol for the cunt she is and Track getting put in jail again.

Yeah what a great Christian shirt, Jesus would have loved that.

Aurora CO shooting-July 20, 2012

From Wikipedia

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured, the largest number of casualties in a shooting in the United States.[3] The sole assailant, James Eagan Holmes, was arrested in his car parked outside the cinema minutes later. It was the deadliest shooting in Colorado since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. Prior to the shooting, Holmes rigged his apartment with homemade explosives, which were defused by a bomb squad one day after the shooting.

The shooting prompted an increase in security at movie theaters across the U.S. that were screening the same film, in fear of copycat crimes. The shooting also led to a spike in gun sales in Colorado, as well as political debates about gun control in the United States.

Holmes confessed to the shooting, but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Arapahoe County prosecutors sought the death penalty for Holmes. The trial began on April 27, 2015. He was convicted of twenty-four counts of first-degree murder, 140 counts of attempted first-degree murder, and one count of possessing explosives on July 16, 2015. On August 7, 2015, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. On August 26, 2015, he was given 12 life sentences, one for every person he killed, and 3,318 years for the attempted murders of those he wounded, and for rigging his apartment with explosives

Jonathan Blunk, age 26, shot once in the back (fatally) and once in the head
Alexander J. Boik, age 18, shotgunned once in the head (fatally), chest, and shoulder
Jesse Childress, age 29, shotgunned once in the torso (fatally), both legs, and right arm
Gordon Cowden, age 51, shot once in the chest
Jessica Ghawi, age 24, shot six times, four in the torso and limbs and once in the head (fatally)
John Larimer, age 27, shot twice in the chest and abdomen (both fatally)
Matt McQuinn, age 27, shot nine times, including in the chest and neck (both fatally)
Micayla Medek, age 23, shot once in the chest
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, age 6, shot four times, including in the chest (fatally), limbs, and lower right side[57]
Alex Sullivan, age 27, shot once in the chest
Alexander C. Teves, age 24, shot once in the head
Rebecca Wingo, age 31, shot and shotgunned in the head (both fatally), shot once in the torso, and once in a limb

Right now the attendees at the RNC convention are having orgasms over their penis extenders.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 2nd quarter SarahPac is out and it isn't pretty

From the FEC

Cash on hand April 1, 2016: $267,574.69

Cash on hand June 30, 2016 $171,686.19

Donations: $149,246.57

Expenditures: $245,136.03

At this rate SarahPac will be bankrupt by January 1.  Now that Strumpet has picked Mike Pence as his running mate, I don't see too many donations for Sarah.  The Peepond is all upset over it.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The RNC convention starts today in Cleveland

From RNC

The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena July 18-21, 2016.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), the convention will host approximately 2,470 delegates and 2,302 alternate delegates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories.

The convention will also include approximately 15,000 credentialed media—an international press corps second only in size to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games—as well as a global audience that will witness a front row seat online thanks to our Internet and social media efforts.

Nearly 120 staffers will eventually live, dine and shop in the Cleveland area in preparation for the 2016 Republican National Convention. And roughly 50,000 people are expected to visit the Cleveland area during the gathering.

2016 will mark the fourth time the Republican Party will convene its convention in Ohio. The Buckeye State also played host to the 1876, 1924 and 1936 Republican National Conventions in Cincinnati (’76) and Cleveland (’24 and ’36).

This should be quite amusing with the Donald.  It's already proving to be a disaster.

Tim Tebow will not appear.  I didn't think he was that bright.  Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger aren't coming either.

Ivanka and Jared's rabbi dropped out.

Strumpet has already tried to drop his running mate Mike Pence.

Strumpet and Pence's campaign slogan had to be resdesigned from this:

to this:

It would be perfect if Sarah and her butt boy Dakota made an appearance.  But that's not gonna happen.  The reason, it is too far for Sarah to travel.  She had no problem flying to Iowa, Colorado, California, Florida etc.  My guess is Track.

Monday Meme

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Three more cops shot dead this time in Baton Rouge

Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.  Its not right to paint all law enforcement personnel with the same brush.  President Obama has already commented Justice will be done.  I wonder who's side Sarah will take if Track ever gets into a deadly altercation with the Wasilla PD.

Sarah Palin still has a lot of power in Alaska

As you all have heard Track Palin was remanded into custody for reasons unknown but likely he failed a drug test or got violent again:

Unfortunately the charges are now dropped:

Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor 
Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor Charge(s) 1, 2 disposed with a disposition of 
Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor Charge #1: Originating - AS11.41.230(a)(1): Assault In The 4th Degree - Recklessly Injure 

07/11/2016 Notice of: Notice of: Plea Agreement (Veterans's Court) 

07/11/2016 Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Wellness Court Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Anchorage Veterans's Court 
Attorney: Fitzgerald, Kevin T (8711085) 
Filing Party: Palin, Track 
Case Motion #3 

07/11/2016 Order Granting Motion Order Granting Motion 
Case Motion #3: Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Anchorage Veterans's Court

Gee I wonder who made a phone call and threatened the judge?  Probably Sarah.

However Gino's text here confirms what happened that night in January:

The internet is forever Sarah.  Remember that.

And to top it all off Sarah and Bristol had to financially ruin Levi and Sunny as well.  And they stole money from Tripp's paternal grandmother too.

I really think the Palins get off on ruining honest people like the Johnstons and deny justice to women as well.  I am about ready to compare Sarah to Hitler.

As a big fuck you to the Palin kkklan I am reposting the link to Sunny's Go Fund Me page.  I will donate when I can and hope you can too.  I know everyone's financial situation is different, even a dollar will help.

Later this week, maybe early next I am going to post all the text messages between Levi and Bristol that Jesse Griffin from IM posted.  We need to get the word out that Bristol is a certified cunt.  I rarely use the C word, in fact the Palin women are the only ones I call that name.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg no need to apologize

From NY Times

WASHINGTON — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s indignant dissents from the bench have turned her into a heroine of the left, beloved for methodically skewering her conservative colleagues. On the internet, she has become the Notorious R.B.G.

But after being roundly criticized for a remarkable series of interviews in which she mocked Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Justice Ginsburg on Thursday did something highly unusual for a member of the nation’s highest court: She admitted making a mistake.

“Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office,” she wrote in a brief statement issued by the court, admitting her remarks were “ill-advised” and expressing regret. “In the future I will be more circumspect.”

A revered figure at some of the nation’s most elite law schools since her appointment to the court in 1993, Justice Ginsburg, 83, flabbergasted many in the legal community when she called Mr. Trump a “faker,” and said she could not really imagine what it would be like if he became president.

Ruth has no real reason to apologize.  She isn't the first Supreme Court Justice to take sides.  Sandra Day O'Connor ruled in favor of Dumbya over Bush v Gore because she liked his daddy.

Dakota and Sarah are using Bristol's blog as a springboard for Dakota's political career

From the formerly known as Brancy's blog:

1. Her husband’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky shows the character and morals of the family that would be leading our country. 

2. Hillary is part of the same old “Machine” that got us where we are now which is – $19,400,940,249,000 dollars in debt.

3. Hillary’s stance on the 2nd amendment – We have a constitutional right to bear arms. Our constitution is what founded our country. It should be protected, not changed. Hillary thinks we should do what Australia did.

4. Hillary’s stance on pro life. This is what she said about it – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” 

.. You all know how pro life I am to the core. I want a president who will value life – who will protect all life. 

5. Hillary’s inconsistencies of her views. It shows her lack of a backbone – she has none!! She just says what people want to hear. “I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman” – that was Hillary Clinton in 2000. Here is more of what she said her stance on same sex marriage in 2004. It was only in 2013 when she truly changed her stance on this issue in particular. 

6. She obviously can’t be trusted with confidential information – look at her handling the government’s confidential emails! As Secretary of State she should have been held to the highest standard. She should be treated like others who hold government positions and held accountable for her all of her actions. She (nor anyone else on any side of the political spectrum) should not be ABOVE THE LAW. 

7. The last time she left the White House it was left a mess and missing over $190,000.00 in taxpayer’s property! 

8. Hillary’s special interests. I saw the best quote the other day, that I think fits perfectly with Hillary; “Congress should wear NASCAR suits so we know who’s sponsoring them” – Hmm, nearly $22,000,000.00 in speeches in 2013-2015 alone. 

 9. Hillary can’t call it how it is – she is always pussyfooting around the facts. She doesn’t want to offend anyone – if it is an attack from ISIS – it needs to be called an attack from ISIS. Which brings me to her most corrupt actions… 

10. Benghazi – Hillary let four of our American’s to die during the attacks in Benghazi. She wouldn’t send help to save Ambassador Stevens, or the three other American’s that died on September 11th, 2012. If my husband was overseas I would NOT want her to be our commander in chief. Hillary Clinton has special interests, she doesn’t value our constitution or value life, for that I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton for president. 

1. Bristol remember Shailey Tripp, Curtis Menard Jr, and Brad Hanson?  Your parent's paramours.

2. Hillary is actually a fiscal conservative.  When she did ask for money it was for more security in Libya which lead to Chris Stevens being murdered.

3. I wouldn't mind at all if we were more like Australia regarding to guns.

4. Hillary said abortion should be safe, legal, and RARE!  She does not advocate using abortion as a method of birth control.  BTW how many whiteouts have you had?

5. People do evolve Bristol.  It took a long time for me to be on the pro gay marriage bandwagon too.

6. At least Hillary didn't CC Bill on her emails, unlike your mother the half term twit.

7. Never happened.  At least she didn't vandalize someone's home and cut break lines to school buses.

8. Hillary is more articulate than you.  When was the last time someone paid $200,000 to listen to your mother toss word salad?

9.Obama has been kicking ass regarding ISIS.

10.Exonerated as well.  At a cost of hundreds of millions to the taxpayers.

This sounds like Dakota wrote it.  That explains the whole marriage deal.  He is using the Palins for a political career.

And who should take someone who participates in this crap seriously:

POLL: Does Dakota look better scruffy or clean?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Things to know about Mike Pence, Donald Trump's running mate

From Washington Post

1. Yes, he's that guy from the last year's religious freedom debate.

Pence was already well known and respected in Republican circles when he was elected governor of Indiana in 2012. But he became a household name when he signed a religious freedom bill into law in 2015. Pence said it would extend legal protections to Indiana business owners who didn't want to participate in same-sex weddings, citing their religious beliefs; opponents argued that he was sanctioning discrimination.

The law got so much attention that at the 2015 White House correspondents' dinner, President Obama joked he and Vice President Biden were so close that "in some places in Indiana, they won't serve us pizza anymore."

2. He's a social conservative.

Pence is a devout evangelical Christian who regularly talks about his faith. (He likes to describe himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.") This spring, Pence signed into law one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. Indiana is now the second state in the nation to ban abortions when the fetus has a disability, a law likely to be challenged in court.

But not all social conservatives are thrilled with Pence now: Some thought he backed off last year's religious freedom debate under pressure from liberal groups.

3. He's facing a competitive reelection.

At least, he was. Pence will have to drop out of his reelection bid now if he becomes Trump's vice-presidential nominee — which may be a good thing for him, given the religious freedom debate did Pence no favors in his reelection bid. Sensing an opportunity in a state that's been trending red lately, Democrats re-recruited businessman John Gregg, who has described himself as a "gun-totin,’ Bible-quotin,’ Southern Indiana Democrat." Pence and Gregg have matched up against each other before: Gregg lost to Pence in 2012 by 3.2 percentage points in an election in which Pence failed to get 50 percent of the vote. The race made our list of top 5 seats most likely to flip.

4. He was an early advocate for the tea party movement.

One of Pence's former advisers told NBC that even before the 2010 summer of discontent between conservatives and the establishment, Pence was tuned into the populist strain of the party. While in Congress, he voted against big spending bills that the tea party would come to loathe.

5. He endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

The political world's eyes were again on Pence this spring when his state had the potential to determine the winner of the Republican presidential primary. Pence came under scrutiny for being unusually quiet about who he'd support, a reflection of how the primary divided the populist strain of the GOP and its leaders. Four days before the primary, he finally, somewhat halfheartedly, said he'd be voting for Ted Cruz. But Pence tried to tack on a political insurance policy in case Trump won the state by adding, "I'm not against anybody," which may not have been the boldest pronouncement but certainly seems to have been the most politically savvy.

Trump did win Indiana by almost 20 percentage points. Cruz dropped out that night, and Pence said he'd support Trump as the nominee.

6. Paul Ryan likes him.

Before becoming governor of Indiana in 2013, Pence spent six terms in Congress, where he served on committees that dealt with foreign affairs and technology and was generally well-liked and respected by his colleagues. Over time, he smoothed out his populist, tea party edges and rose to some of the highest ranks in the party. In 2008, his colleagues elected him to the House GOP's No. 3 spot, Republican Conference chairman, a job dedicated to shaping the party's messaging after it got slammed in the 2008 elections. (Republicans took back the House in 2010.)

Pence seems to have maintained his ties on Capitol Hill after leaving it. This week, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said Pence is a "personal friend."

And before he came to Congress, Pence hosted a talk radio show, calling himself "Rush Limbaugh on decaf."

7. He once challenged John Boehner for his party's leadership spot in the House.

Pence may have harbored dreams of being House speaker himself. In 2006, while Republicans were still in the minority, Pence decided to run for the leader of the party against a veteran GOP congressman from Ohio, John Boehner. It didn't go so well. Pence, who positioned himself as the conservative in the race, lost in a vote among fellow House Republicans 168 to 27.

8. He's long been viewed as a potential presidential candidate.

In 2010, conservative activists at a Values Voter Summit voted Pence their top choice for a 2012 presidential candidate, a key test of grass-roots support (but not one that's necessarily indicative of success). Interestingly, Pence's 2016 veep competition, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, was also on that straw poll and came in fourth.

Pence's name was also floated in 2008 as a potential presidential contender. Pence decided to stay in Indiana and run for governor, where he eeked out a win against Gregg.

9. He's got ties to the Koch brothers.

The billionaire brothers have so far stayed out of the presidential race, a sign they're no fans of Trump. But their 2016 involvement could change with Pence by Trump's side: The résumés of several of Pence's top aides also include stints with the Koch brothers' vast corporate and political networks.

UPDATE: Our crack money in politics reporter Matea Gold reports that the Koch brothers don't plan on getting involved in the presidential race even if their guy Pence is the GOP's No. 2.

10. He grew up as a Democrat.

And idolizing John F. Kennedy. Pence told CBN News in a 2010 interview: "It may be that I grew up in a big Irish Catholic family like he did. Maybe it was that my grandparents were so proud of the first Irish Catholic president." He even still has a box of Kennedy memorabilia.

Yeah this is a guy I want one heartbeat away from the presidency.  NOT!

Flashback Friday: Sarah gets a call from Nicholas Sarkozky

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Truck plows into crowd in Nice France, 75 dead

This is a breaking story.  I have a bad feeling it is terrorist related as the driver was maliciously and purposefully targeting people.  Poor France.

Donald Trump is supposed to unveil his VP tomorrow

From NBC News

Donald Trump will showcase his vice presidential pick at a public event on Friday, multiple sources tell NBC News.
Trump's possible picks are thought to be narrowed to three candidates: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
While the joint appearance is expected on Friday, it's not clear whether or not the identity of the pick could be released or could leak earlier in the week.
Trump is scheduled to attend a fundraiser and rally in Indiana Tuesday night with Pence; he campaigned with Christie on Monday and with Newt Gingrich last week.
He told the New York Times earlier Tuesday that he intended to make a decision "over the next three- to four-day period of time," adding that his "gut" would be an important factor in making the decision.
My money is on Gingrich as FOX News is suspending his contract.  Which is a dream come true as I would love to see Gingrich get his ass handed to him by Team Clinton.
In other news Bernie finally endorsed Hillary.  Bout fucking time.

Dakota Meyer gets a little pissy because the Dallas cop shooter was a veteran

From something called the Tribunist

I want to make this clear: when Micah Johnson took his rifle into the heart of Dallas and murdered cops, it had nothing to do with the fact that he served in the United States Army.

The media pundits are desperate to cast Johnson as an anomaly, and something that we can all dismiss as unrelated to Black Lives Matter. To this end, they’ve now turned to the stereotype of the vet suffering from PTSD in the hopes that we’ll relax and say “so that explains it.”

This is not about PTSD. It is not about being kicked out of the army for stealing underwear. This is about a home-grown hate group empowering individuals who feel compelled to do-the-right-thing. This is groupthink promoting revenge.

Black Lives Matter pays lip-service to peaceful protest, yet everywhere they go, there’s violence. Micah Johnson was the American equivalent of a suicide bomber. He knew he would die, and wanted to take as many cops with him as he could.

And now the media is wallowing in the aftermath. They’re spinning every police shooting that involves an African-America into a horrific tragedy that must have a Black Lives Matter protest response. And then they set up their cameras and broadcast the conflict. It’s a rating game.

I’m sick of it.

I fought for this country. I have as much skin in this country as anyone. Like everyone who goes and wears the nation’s cloth either serving overseas, or behind the badge—I put other people’s lives before mine. The police take those risks everyday.

When I was overseas, I fought with African-Americans. I fought with Hispanics. I fought with Republicans and Democrats. I didn’t have to fight for them, because they were there beside me.

You know what we fought for? We fought for Americans. We didn’t break the definition down with hyphens and only fight for our ethnic or religious favorites.

America is a nation of diversity. Religious diversity. Ethnic diversity. The day we forget is the day that we bridge into intolerable ignorance. That’s exactly what we’re seeing across the nation right now.

When the media looked for easy answers to explain Johnson’s killing spree, they needed a sound-bite. Racism or reverse racism—those concepts are too distasteful to consider long. So they jumped on his military service.

I’m a veteran. Here’s what I see. The veterans having a hard time returning to the U.S. after overseas deployment are having problems because of the strife they discover upon their return.

Do you think we leave our families, take our American ideas overseas, help build democracy, undermine the legitimacy of extremists—just to come home to this?

Is this what we were fighting for? I have four names on my wrist. Is this what these men died for?

So what’s the solution?

The media and political operatives need to quit stoking the fire. And we need to elect politicians like us.

The political elite in this country stands apart from the citizens who accept responsibility for their actions every single day of their lives.

They’re so obviously out of touch. When’s the last time you think Hillary Clinton bought her own groceries? Drove her own car? Filled her own gas tank?

Clinton’s support for Black Lives Matter is unfortunate.

Where is the constant presence of Black Lives Matter in Chicago? Why do we only see protests when a police officer kills a black man? Look at the numbers. How many black men are killed everyday by other black men? Where’s the Black Lives Matter shock and horror?

It doesn’t exist. You can’t point the finger at yourself. You can’t blame yourself, because then you are the one responsible.

And now, I fear, we’ve turned a corner with the activism. Micah Johnson was a terrorist. Terrorists use violence to achieve political, religious, or ideological goals. When Johnson took up arms against the Dallas Police Department, he became a terrorist.

It is easy to point the finger at what happened in Dallas, and say “that has to end,” but the rest of–those who throw rocks and wave signs and shout in each other’s face–we’ve got to stop fighting, too. It’s not about being white, black, Hispanic.

All lives matter. Black, brown, white, blue, green, or orange – All. Lives. Matter.

Everyone needs to be held accountable. Police officers using their weapons with deadly force must answer for their actions. And we have to allow our judicial system to do its job, too. And we, the citizens of this great nation, will hold them accountable.

The time has come to call out those who are promoting violence. They, too, should answer for their actions.

Our leaders need to stop dividing our country. I stood united with my brothers on the battlefield, and if we are going to combat racism, poverty, and fight against a system that’s obviously broken, we must stand together now. We must stand together as the United States of America.

Dakota no one is condoning what the shooter did.  PTSD may have played a role in.  You know PTSD, something you have and your brother in law Track doesn't.  

This part at the end of the article was interesting

Dakota Meyer served as a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on September 8, 2009, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

He now enjoys his time with his wife, Bristol Palin, and their children while remaining active in veterans causes.

So Bristol isn't changing her name to Meyer?  And their "children"?  Tripp isn't Dakota's kid.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is it possible Donald Trump may walk away from the presidency?

From NY Times

The traditional goal of a presidential nominee is to win the presidency and then serve as president.

Donald J. Trump is not a traditional candidate for president.

Presented in a recent interview with a scenario, floating around the political ether, in which the presumptive Republican nominee proves all the naysayers wrong, beats Hillary Clinton and wins the presidency, only to forgo the office as the ultimate walk-off winner, Mr. Trump flashed a mischievous smile.

“I’ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens,” he said minutes before leaving his Trump Tower office to fly to a campaign rally in New Hampshire.

It is, of course, entirely possible that Mr. Trump is playing coy to earn more news coverage. But the notion of the intensely competitive Mr. Trump’s being more interested in winning the presidency than serving as president is not exactly a foreign concept to close observers of this presidential race.

Early in the contest, his rivals, Republican operatives and many reporters questioned the seriousness of his candidacy. His knack for creating controversy out of thin air (this week’s edition: the Star of David Twitter post) and his inclination toward self-destructive comments did not instill confidence in a political culture that values on-message discipline in its candidates.

Those doubts dissipated after Mr. Trump vanquished his Republican opponents and locked up the nomination.

“I’ve actually done very well,” Mr. Trump said. “We beat 18 people, right?”

But as the race has turned toward the general election and a majority of polls have shown Mr. Trump trailing Mrs. Clinton, speculation has again crept into political conversations in Washington, New York and elsewhere that Mr. Trump will seek an exit strategy before the election to avoid a humiliating loss.

Now he is refusing to rule out an even more dramatic departure, one that would let him avoid the grueling job of governing, return to his business and enjoy his now-permanent status as a news media celebrity.

Told of Mr. Trump’s noncommittal comment, Stuart Stevens, a senior adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012 who has become one of Mr. Trump’s most vocal critics, said that Mr. Trump was “a con man who is shocked his con hasn’t been called” and that he was looking for an emergency exit.

“He has no sense of how to govern,” Mr. Stevens said. “He can’t even put together a campaign.”

Even Mr. Trump’s supporters acknowledge that his past campaigns had the air of a vanity tour. That impression lingers. A recent Trump news release promising “a speech regarding the election” prompted many reporters and political fortunetellers to predict a declaration of his departure. But just the fact that a routine news release prompted paroxysms of conjecture throughout the political universe suggested that, as Mr. Trump might say, “there’s something going on.”

Mr. Trump’s campaign and his supporters dismiss the talk as the fantasizing of frightened liberals or frustrated establishment figures.

“He’s not going to pull out,” said Thomas Barrack Jr., a financier and real estate investor who is a close friend of Mr. Trump’s. He compared Mr. Trump’s candidacy to an innovative start-up company: “You never see disruption when it’s happening.”

In Mr. Trump’s case, the disruption is everywhere. Last fall, he said in television interviews that if his standing collapsed in the Republican primary polls, he could very well return to his business. In mid-June, amid an onslaught of negative news coverage, he joked to a crowd that he would consider leaving the race for $5 billion.

On the off chance he actually is planning to back out, what would happen?

Alexander Keyssar, a historian at Harvard who is working on a book about the Electoral College, said the process of succession would depend on “the precise moment at which he said, ‘Nah, never mind.’”

The party representatives who make up the Electoral College would suddenly have real power rather than a rubber stamp. If Mr. Trump bowed out after winning on Nov. 8 but before the electors met in each state to cast their ballots on Dec. 19, then the electors could have the opportunity to vote for another candidate, Professor Keyssar said.

A majority of the 538 electors would be Republicans, but they might not agree on the best alternative candidate. If no one won a majority of the electors, the contest between the top three vote-getters — one of whom would presumably be Mrs. Clinton — would go to the House of Representatives, where each state would be given one vote, while the Senate would select the vice president. House Republicans hold 33 states to the Democrats’ 14, with three evenly split. It is unclear whether the vote would take place before or after newly elected representatives were seated.

It is also unclear what would happen, Professor Keyssar said, if Mr. Trump bid adieu after the electoral votes were cast but before they were officially counted, per the 12th Amendment, by the president of the Senate before a joint session of Congress in January. And if Mr. Trump left after the votes were counted in Congress but before he was sworn in on Jan. 20, Professor Keyssar said the closest guidance would probably come from Section Three of the 20th Amendment: “If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the president, the president-elect shall have died, the vice president-elect shall become president.”

“Nothing like this has ever happened,” Professor Keyssar said.

And nothing like it will this year, Mr. Trump’s supporters say.

“It’s going to be too late by then,” Roger Stone, Mr. Trump’s longtime political adviser, said of the go-out-on-top theory. “If he got elected president, he’d certainly serve. I’m fairly certain about that. You think he’d resign? I don’t see that happening. There is only one star in the Donald Trump show, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Russell Verney, a former top strategist for Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire who abruptly pulled out of the 1992 election, only to re-enter and win 19 percent of the vote, said that outsider candidates were more vulnerable to questions about their resolve.

“It never would be a subject raised with Romney and others, because the presidency is the ultimate goal of their entire professional career,” said Mr. Verney, who conferred with Mr. Trump during his exploration of a presidential run in 2000, during which, he said, Mr. Trump expressed reservations about selling his casinos to fund his campaign. “Donald Trump has not worked toward being president every day of his professional career.”

Mr. Trump’s supporters point out that he has begun adopting the more traditional trappings of a presidential campaign: a fund-raising operation, policy ideas, prepared speeches.

“This is silly,” said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, which has tried hard to make the Trump campaign more professional. “He’s in it to win it.” 

But the only person who could truly put any doubts to rest seemed instead to relish the idea of keeping everyone guessing, concluding the recent conversation with a you’re-on-to-something grin and handshake across his cluttered desk.

“We’ll do plenty of stories,” Mr. Trump promised enigmatically. “O.K.?”

Yeah I can totally see Donald doing this.  Deep down he is very insecure and would rather bail out and actually trying to do some work.  No wonder Sarah Palin likes him so much.

Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin are disgusting, but we all knew that

From Dakota's Fecebook page

Look Bristol Palin she's a natural! #sailorgrace #america #minigatlinggun #beingadadistheshit #startthemearly #sailorgracesupportsthe2ndamendment

Share your pictures of your kids enjoying the 2nd amendment!

And Bristol shares the same pic on her instagram

Like an 8 month old baby knows what the 2nd amendment is.  Dakota and Bristol keep this up and something like this will happen.

BTW Levi and Sunny met their goal of $10,000.  I will give when I can.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders FINALLY endorses Hillary Clinton, and of course Donald has to chime in

From Twitter

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours agoTo all the Bernie voters who want to stop bad trade deals & global special interests, we welcome you with open arms. People first.9,099 retweets 22,816 likesReply Retweet 9.1K Like 23K More Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours agoBernie sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.8,786 retweets 19,859 likesReply Retweet 8.8K Like 20K More Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours agoBernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.

Sounds like someone is getting a little pissy.

The Navy lowers Chris Kyle's medal count

From MSN

WASHINGTON — Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the late famed “American Sniper,” overstated the number of medals he was awarded for heroism, according to a Navy investigation released Friday.

The Navy personnel form that Kyle signed and initialed when he left the Navy in 2009 credited him with two Silver Star and six Bronze Star medals with “V” device for valor, according to the document. Kyle, whose best-selling book American Sniper was later made into a Hollywood blockbuster, wrote that he had been awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars. He was killed in 2013 by a veteran he had mentored.

However, the Navy’s investigation of Kyle’s record, which began in 2012, determined that Kyle had commendations for one Silver Star and four Bronze Star medals with “V” devices. The service issued a revised form, known as the DD 214, on June 14. The Silver Star is the military’s third-highest award; the Medal of Honor and Service Cross are the first and second.

Kyle had made other, unverifiable claims, including his account of shooting dozens of rioters in New Orleans in the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina. He also wrote that he had punched a man later identified as Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor. A jury awarded Ventura $1.8 million in a defamation lawsuit against Kyle’s estate.

 “After thoroughly reviewing all available records, the Navy determined an error was made in the issuance of Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle’s form DD214,” Ensign Marc Rockwellpate, a Navy spokesman, said in a statement. “Specifically, the DD 214 did not accurately reflect the decorations and awards to which Kyle was officially entitled. After notifying his family of the error, the Navy issued a corrected copy of the DD 214, which accurately reflects Kyle’s years of honorable and extraordinary Navy service.”

It is unclear who made the original error, and it appears to be a clerical mistake that was not corrected by Kyle or other Navy officials. The Navy is automating its personnel record system to prevent such errors.

Errors in the DD 214 form, the official certificate of a sailor’s service, are commonplace, one of the officials said. In 2015, the Navy made more than 3,800 corrections to sailors’ forms.

Kyle’s original form had other errors, including the omission of his Navy expert rifle medal. Indeed, the re-issued form from the Navy Personnel Command misspells rifle. The Navy is stressing to sailors the need to scrutinize the form before signing it. The DD 214, among other things, provides documentation of preference for veterans in hiring.

"This whole issue is very troubling and inexplicable, particularly because Kyle seemingly had no need to falsify his military records," said Dwight Mears, an Army veteran and former professor at West Point who has researched the military awards process. "It isn’t clear that he stood to benefit any more from the misrepresentations, as his service was impressive and almost equally as noteworthy without the addition of any unearned awards."

“THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FORM,” the header on Kyle's DD 214 reads. “SAFEGUARD IT.”  Kyle’s revised form shows that he belonged to SEAL Team Three, based at North Island, Calif. His primary specialty: SEAL, and small arms marksmanship instructor. Box 24, near the bottom of the form, reads Character of Service. It's filled with one word: HONORABLE.

What do you expect from a certified liar and pyscho?  No wonder Sarah Palin liked him so much.  It also vindicates Jesse Ventura even more.

Wish the media had reported on this years ago

From Daily Banter

Part of me feels slightly bad consistently laying into Sarah Palin for her transgressions against civility, general decency and the English language -- she is after all another human being with thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Then again, her presence in the national dialogue is so toxic that I feel I have a civic duty to expose her dangerous lack of intellect. Palin reaches millions and millions of people through her social media channels, and spews the most nonsensical, offensive propaganda on an almost daily basis.

Usually, Palin's rants consist of badly mangled sentences that attempt to belittle President Obama for being a sissy/closet Muslim/Communist etc. While deeply offensive, one can usually sort of understand what she is getting at, and it doesn't lie too far out of the usual parameters of right wing idiocy.

But recently, Palin's conspiratorial nonsense has taken a darker more sinister turn, and her bleak warnings about liberalism sound more like whack-job religious prophecies you hear mentally ill people telling themselves on street corners.

First there was Palin's bizarre talk of the coming 'One World Government' in the wake of the Brexit, and then a very strange warning about the United Nations becoming a military power with US taxpayer dollars.

Then, over the weekend, Palin warned Donald Trump that he should get a "food taste-tester" as a running mate:

“I would tell him to find someone who understands who the boss will be," she said darkly. "Someone who is not running too, someone who he could serve with who he wouldn’t need a taste test, a food taste-tester around him, you know? You know what I mean?”

Er, no?

Yesterday, Palin continued defying reality with a fact free claim about Hillary Clinton's responsibility for the deaths in Benghazi -- an astonishing assertion given Clinton was cleared of any wrong doing by a Republican lead investigation literally hours before.

Remember, this is a woman who ran for Vice President of the United States -- a Republican hand picked by the highly respected John McCain and vetted by the Republican Party. It was obvious during the 2008 campaign that Palin was in fact completely unqualified to be anywhere near the White House, but most of us just saw her as a dimwitted narcissist using the media attention to fulfill a lifelong dream of being famous. It wasn't that Palin had any particularly toxic political opinions -- it was that she didn't have any opinions at all.

But now, Palin has become a figurehead for a highly motivated movement that is becoming dangerously conspiratorial. Sarah Palin has rarely breached Alex Jones territory, but recent patterns indicate she is following in the footsteps of America's most idiotic conspiracy theorist. This would be laughable if she wasn't a major figurehead in the Republican Party and a prominent cheerleader for the GOP's nominee for president -- but she is, and she's leading her followers off of a cliff and into the abyss.

Jokes aside, perhaps Sarah genuinely does need psychological help as the signs are she is losing a grip on reality, and quickly.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sarah Palin race baiting again-Update

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us

Our prayers are with the fallen on that Thin Blue Line in Dallas. America lost heroes last night as men in uniform did their unfathomably courageous job running into danger to protect others from it. Honorable first responders deserve our utmost respect and support.

Shame on our culture's influencers who would stir contention and division that could lead to evil such as that in Dallas. Shame on politicians and pundits giving credence to thugs rioting against police officers and the rule of law in the name of "peaceful protests." It is a farce. #BlackLivesMatter is a farce.

Media: quit claiming the rioters are "peaceful" as they stomp on our flag, shout "death to cops!" and celebrate violence. It is sick. You perpetuate a perverted message evil men thrive on to intimidate and warp malleable minds that would believe one race matters more than another. Blood is on your complicit hands when you naively or purposefully refuse to tell of this movement's truth.
Black Lives Matter? Yes - more than BLM "protestors" can grasp, as evidenced by their self-destructive provocateurism. Doesn't it go without saying that Native lives matter, too? And Asian; and Eskimo; and Hispanic; and Indian... and every other race comprised of people who see clearly the agenda at play to weaken America through disunity.
Get fed up and stand up if you're sick of being called racist when proclaiming EVERY LIFE MATTERS, black as much as white and every skin tone in between. Every innocent life - at every stage of life - on the side of good over evil, matters. Why let the damaging false narrative prevail if you know it is a lie?! Speak up! Join me in refusing to go willingly with society trying to crown deceptive political correctness the victor.

Self-descriptions that put any race in front of being an American are now used to further divide our nation. It's time to acknowledge you're either an American under our system of equality, law and order - and traditional patriotic spirit - or you're not. Knock off the hyphenation of who we are. And knock off the shoulder chip if you've let "leaders" burden you with it through their example that sadly capitalizes on division for untoward purposes. That chip is crushing the people's hope. My youngest daughter recently confirmed the sensibility in this when she stated, "It would be sad to call myself an "Eskimo-American" instead of just a proud American like everyone else."

Seeing partial footage of this week's victims' tragic deaths at the hands of police officers is mind-boggling. It's nauseating. Granted, early reports rarely encapsulate all the facts of individual cases, but my heart is with victims' families as I sympathize with anyone defenseless in these situations. More so, I empathize if we find out any cop involved was in the wrong, for I abhor bad cops. I abhor police union leadership that regularly protects bad cops and discredits citizens voicing concern over bad actors in authority. I've been there. Many of you know my own experience with well-publicized, constant, frightening encounters and threats to my family to "bring us down" via a badge and gun. We suffered an exhausting era knowing we were defenseless against a bad cop, his union, and a gleefully politicized media never reporting the truth. Threats that included the promise we'd be pulled over for whatever reason, destroyed, and "any judge will believe the badge over the citizen." The decade-long situation nearly devastated us. Political opponents still get off on all the situation cost us. So believe me, my personal experience won't let me throw a blanket of blind approval over all law enforcement and those in authority. Still, last night's disgusting acts that snuffed out officers' lives is exponentially worse than any one bad cop, his union bosses, and the media's verbose attempts to intimidate and falsely accuse.

So if we're to take sides, I side with the Thin Blue Line. To side with our public servants trying to keep law and order amidst political agendas that clearly oppose that virtue is how the good guys win again. It's the only way to ensure our best days will be ahead of us. Join me. Do not let today's agenda redefine what it means to be an American. Do not sit still for it to fundamentally transform America.
God created us equally, and not with a spirit of fear. We're given the spirit of POWER, love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) Use it.

- Sarah Palin

Hey dumbfuck the Alaska Natives hate being called an Eskimo.  It's like calling someone who suffers from dwarfism a midget.  Did you even see the footage of the two men that were murdered by the racist police officers?  I doubt it.

And the asshole who murdered the cops from Dallas was a VETERAN, a loner, and nothing to do with BLM.

Update-Sarah barrels down on her criticism on Breitbart radio

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) over the weekend demanded that media outlets begin referring to Black Lives Matter activists as "thugs" instead of calling them "protesters" or "people."

"They're not protesters," she said during an interview on Breitbart News Sunday. "You know, these are thugs, they're rioters."

"And yeah, I'm calling out the media, saying quit claiming that these rioters are people," Palin continued. "They're stomping on a flag -- figuratively and literally -- shouting 'death to cops', celebrating violence."

According to the former GOP vice presidential nominee, black activists "are getting away with it because there aren't enough of them gutsy enough to call out what it actually is -- and it's sick."

"And I think the media is perpetuating a message that really evil people are thriving on right now," Palin added, "as they try to warp malleable minds that would believe that one race matters more than another."

"You know, it's the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s message. It's the antithesis of our Constitution, of the Bill of Rights, our charters of liberty that says all men are created equal."

Hey Sarah your son is a thug.  Does that make him part of BLM then?

Speaking of Track his hearing today got continued again.